In November of 2020 the Paradise Rotary Foundation granted $11,000 to the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce for the development of an online marketplace. Resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were in need of connecting with customers through digital media. With the barrier to enter the eCommerce markets requiring investment and time of small businesses, the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce has provided an opportunity for business to connect with customers online.

The marketplace, which can now be accessed at, offers local products and services from businesses on the Ridge. The hope is the online marketplace will continue to be used by businesses and customers as the pandemic subsides. The website is easily navigated on both desktop and mobile devices.

Local and home-based businesses on the Ridge are encouraged to register for the marketplace through the application process. Once approved, products and services can be listed on the website. The online marketplace offers an opportunity for the community to support local businesses, and simultaneously gives local businesses an entry to eCommerce. Ridge residents are encouraged to take a look at the online marketplace to browse the selection.

Images of the Paradise Ridge Online Marketplace.